" Stella Velon’s The Critic was named best short."

- Gregg Kilday The Hollywood Reporter

Winners of the 2019 Method Fest Independent Film Festival

" The Best Of All, From 2018!

The Critic is an absolutely stunning visual and a treat to the cerebral folk and cinephiles alike! "

- Editor’s Pick Indie Shorts Mag


" loaded with exceptional dialogue… and packed with substantial emotional heft, The Critic is a short film that benefits from a powerhouse performance. Velon is incredible in this role she wrote…"

- Chris Olson UK Film Review


" grabs you from the start, establishes an emotional connection with the audience, and then straps you in on an emotional roller coaster ride "

- Alan Ng Film Threat


" Velon’s direction is exceptional… At a time of #Metoo & #Timesup, ‘The Critic’ remains an honest dissection of what it takes to be a film star and offers a peek-a-boo into that galaxy which we all find so alluring."

- Nimisha Menon Indie Shorts Mag

The Critic became " the first short to receive 5 stars on"

" quietly fierce, dramatically potent, and heartbreakingly palpable… The Critic is a sublime piece of indie film magic "

- Kirk Fernwood One Film Fan

" writer/director Stella Velon's emotionally involving and thought-provoking short film The Critic… is nearly instantly engaging and a remarkably poignant story that somehow manages to travel a broad emotional spectrum while delivering a complete story within its modest 15-minute running time."

- Richard Propes The Independent Critic

" The film deals with heavy material… and is rife with good performances and thoughtful shots… You’re left with the distinct impression of watching a film"

- Mark Ziobro The Movie Buff

" The script is a powerful foundation which is intensified tenfold by the performances of the protagonists."

- Editor Indy Reviews

" The standout offering of the block is The Critic… Understanding the form and purpose of a short story is just as important as screencraft and The Critic succeeds on all fronts. "

London Independent Film Festival (LIFF) - Sophie London for Acting Hour


" Brilliant. It wasn't just a movie. It was an experience. "

- Magz Faux Amazon Customer


" Powerful, powerful film with an even more explosive message. "

- TTM Amazon Customer


" each character was so fully developed… punches a wallop of a message "

- thecouxsr Amazon Customer


" A smartly written and directed film which offers a raw, unflinching look into the psychological impact of the entertainment industry "

- Mel Amazon Customer


" A little gem! As it unfolded, I was transfixed. "

- Melissa L. Amazon Customer


" Moving and skillful "

- John Hindman Amazon Customer