“The editor’s pick this year singularly, unabashedly falls for Stella Velon’s The Critic, worth every minute of the short!

Of all the films of 2018, we had some unique entries and never-seen-before shorts, but, perhaps, the best of it all had to be The Critic, for its sheer content and consistency with regards to performance and execution from all quarters. Stella Velon’s The Critic, a poignant, insightful look into the soul of an actress, with the measured performance of Velon is a 14:55 minutes long film that gently peels off the veneer of glamour. “

Velon’s performance is excellent and poignant… She grabs you from the start, establishes an emotional connection with the audience, and then straps you in on an emotional roller coaster ride.”
— Alan Ng, Film Threat
The Critic is nearly instantly engaging and a remarkably poignant story that somehow manages to travel a broad emotional spectrum while delivering a complete story within its modest 15-minute running time.

The heart and soul of the film is unquestionably Velon, who manages to convince as both a confident, award-winning actress and as a young woman with a fragile facade... It’s powerful, disturbing actually, to watch Velon’s entire being shift throughout the interview - her language, her facial expressions, and her body language all revealing every little transition in subject and tone.

...Asaf Sagiv’s original music is atmospheric and heightened in its drama. Mostly, however, this is Velon’s baby and what an amazing baby it is to behold.”
— Richard Propes, The Independent Critic
The film deals with heavy material, and, from its start, Velon (who also stars in the film as the actress) positions herself as a serious filmmaker. Its opening… is cinematic beauty…

What stands out about The Critic is its production value and aim, which are both pristine in their execution...

The acting is astute, and both Velon and Alan Smyth… turn in wonderful performances... you’re left with the distinct impression of watching a film...

…a scene with director Velon… is the film’s most powerful. It requires a terrific physical performance of tears and pain from Velon, and she delivers… the pain – both psychological and physical – is palpable, and Velon (through her direction and acting) makes us feel it.

Velon has written and produced a powerful indie here, and I’m eager to see what she does with her next production.
— Mark Ziobro, The Movie Buff
The standout offering of the block is ‘The Critic’, written, directed by and starring Stella Velon…

Velon ably carries the film. Her wealth of expressions do far more work than any dialogue could, admirable for anyone directing themselves.

Understanding the form and purpose of a short story is just as important as screencraft and ‘The Critic’ succeeds on all fronts.
— Sophie London, Acting Hour